Grab your sparklers and celebrate in VR with a breathtaking fireworks display over open water. Featuring a high definition fireworks show set to music, motion controlled sparklers, and mesmerizing ray-traced reflections to make for an exciting and immersive experience for your GearVR or Cardboard headset.

"It is indeed a Fireworks Show... in VR" - Erik Hartley

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7/4/17 : Happy 4th! We have a new update that adds the following:
- Motion controlled sparkler (GearVR, s7 and above)
- Substantially improved graphics and dynamic lighting
- Basic 3D audio system
- Performance improvements

Get the Cardboard edition free on the Google Play Store: Get it free on Google Play

Free for GearVR users with a code for the Oculus Store. For all GearVR compatible devices, Note 4 and above.

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